Immigration and Refugee Board Appeal?

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) is responsible for overseeing and resolving matters pertaining to and affecting refugees and immigrants fairly, efficiently, and reasonably under the law. The IRB is the largest independent administrative tribunal in Canada and decides who may receive refugee protection from thousands of applicants who arrive in Canada annually.  Talk to a lawyer.

What Does the Appeals Division of the IRB Do?

The Appeals Division of the Immigration & Refugee Board is responsible for:

• Determining claims for refugee protection in Canada.
• Overseeing appeals against decisions made by Refugee Protection Division that allows or rejects claim for refugee protection.
• Conducting immigration admissibility hearings for specific groups of people who are deemed inadmissible to, or removable from, Canada under conduct reviews and regulations in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
• Hearing appeals of applicants who have been refused admissibility into Canada by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials.

What Appeals Can Be Heard By The Immigration Appeal Division?

You may forward appeals for refused sponsorship application, removal order against permanent residents (where applicable), appeals against medical inadmissibility, and refugees or other protected persons. You may not be able to appeal against a decision made by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada where it was determined, with proof, that the person:

• Poses a threat to Canadian citizens.
• Has or was involved in organized crime.
• Has not complied with the residency obligations with intent.
• Poses a health risk to Canadian citizens.
• Will acquire medical services that they cannot pay for.

Generally speaking, an appeal to the IRB can be approved based on factual or humanitarian grounds.

Should I Seek Legal Assistance?

Anything to do with the appeal board should have a lawyer.  The appeal has to be issued with all the proper documentation, evidence, and paperwork to make sure that your appeal is not refused because of a lack of required necessities.  Talk to a lawyer.

Having a lawyer will make your case stronger for appeal. For instance, if your family member has been refused admissibility into Canada on medical grounds, but you are able to proof in the tribunal that they can pay for their medical treatments and processes, then the decision may be changed.  But the case has to be prepared and presented properly or it may not succeed.

Similarly, if a person is able to identify themselves as innocent and having no connection to allegations placed upon them, they may get their status as permanent residents of Canada restored.  But again, the case has to be prepared and presented properly or it may not succeed.  An experienced immigration lawyer is the best person to prepare and present your case.

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