Express Entry To Canada As A Skilled Trades Person

The Express Entry program is in full effect from January 2015.  This program has changed the regulations for entry into Canada. If you are eligible for the Express Entry program, you may get selected into the Express Entry pool.  Talk to an immigration lawyer.

The Express Entry program is a great initiative for the Federal Skilled Trades Program and allows skilled tradesmen to become permanent residents of Canada.

How Do I Become Eligible?

In order to become eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you must:

  • Have proficiency in English and/or French (speaking, writing, reading, and listening).
  • Have two years fulltime work experience in the past five years before applying.
  • Meet job requirements for skilled trade as per the National Occupational Classification (NOC) regulations.
  • Have a fulltime employment offer for a period of minimum one year or accreditation as a skilled tradesman issued by a provincial or territorial authority in Canada.

An experienced immigration lawyer can help you with all these requirements.

What Is the National Occupational Classification?

The NOC is a systematic taxonomy for all occupations in the Canadian employment and labor market. The NOC classifies skilled trade under the following groups:

  • Major Group 72 – Industrial, Electrical & Construction Trades
  • Major Group 73 – Maintenance & Equipment Operation Trades
  • Major Group 82 – Supervisors & Technical Jobs in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Productions
  • Major Group 92 – Processing, Manufacturing, and Utility Supervisors & Central Control Operators.
  • Minor Group 632 – Cooks & Chefs
  • Minor Group 633 – Bakers & Butchers

In order to become eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you must provide evidence through a statement that you have experience in one of the occupational description in NOC, which includes all duties and most of the listed main duties. If you fail to provide evidence of experience that meets the NOC descriptions, then your application will be rejected.

What are the Requirements?

In terms of education, there are no requirements as such for Federal Skilled Trades Program. However, you can earn points under the Express Entry by having:

  • A Canadian post secondary certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • A foreign accreditation.
  • An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report approved by the CIC.

In terms of language, you must show proficiency and/or certification in English and/or French. Other requirements include planning your stay in Canada (not applicable in Quebec).

Will A Lawyer Help Me?

Yes, it will.  In fact, you should seek legal assistance to improve your chances of getting into the Express Entry poll early in the process.  It will help your application.  With our help you can improve your chances for successfully applying for the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

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