Temporary Residence Canada

Temporary Residence in Canada

Temporary residence is the status of all non-Canadian citizens/permanent residents that are legally residing in Canada on a temporary basis. Temporary residence is granted to people coming to Alberta for all kinds of  purposes, including tourism, employment and educational studies.

Temporary resident documents under IMM 1442 are classified as:

  • Temporary Student – Study Permit IMM 1208
  • Temporary Worker – Work Permit IMM 1102
  • Temporary Visitor – Visitor Record IMM 1097
  • Temporary Resident Permit

In some cases, foreign nationals may be required to apply for a formal Temporary Resident Visa.  It depends on the country of origin and there can be other factors – talk to an immigration lawyer.

How Do I Apply For A Canadian Visitors Permit?

If you hold citizenship of a visa-exempt country, then the Canadian embassy or Canadian visa office in your country may have an application form for temporary residence. Find out more about the application procedure.

If your country of citizenship does not offer visit visa to Canada, then you should speak with an immigration lawyer.  The solution may be to file an application for temporary residence permit with supporting documents to explain why your entry into Canada is justified. Please note that you may be required to attend an interview by the immigration services officer in order to assess your application.

What If There Are Reasons I Am Not Eligible?

If you are currently not admissible into Canada (perhaps for health or criminality reasons) but have to reason to travel here that might be justified then you can be issued temporary residence. In order to become eligible for temporary residence, your purpose of stay should outweigh any health and safety risk that you may pose to the Canadian society, as per the immigration services officer. Even if your purpose of visit is minor, you should justify your visit with documentation and proof.

There is no guarantee on approval of temporary residence. A nonrefundable processing fee is applicable to receive the permit. A permit is only issued for your period of stay in Canada. For instance, it can be a one week permit if you are attending a conference. Before the permit expires, you should seek to renew it or leave Canada. A permit can be subject to cancellation at anytime by the immigration services officer. Once you leave Canada, a permit becomes void, unless you have been authorized to leave and then reenter.

Should I Talk To A Lawyer?

You should absolutely seek legal assistance for temporary residence in Canada.  This will maximize your chances.  The law office of Edmonton Immigration Lawyers can help you in discussing the procedures, assessing your chances and preparing the documentation for your case.

Law – From the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada:

Section 29 – Rights and Obligations of . . . Temporary Residents

Right of temporary residents

29. (1) A temporary resident is, subject to the other provisions of this Act, authorized to enter and remain in Canada on a temporary basis as a visitor or as a holder of a temporary resident permit.

Obligation — temporary resident

(2) A temporary resident must comply with any conditions imposed under the regulations and with any requirements under this Act, must leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for their stay and may re-enter Canada only if their authorization provides for re-entry.

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