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Canada welcomes thousands of international executives, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to do business with Canadian and multi-national companies. Canada also welcomes business visitors from all over the world who come to attend conferences, work shops, conventions and business meetings.

What Is A Business Visitor?

A business visitor is anyone who wants to visit Canada to engage in business activities without entering the Canadian labor market. A business visitor has to provide evidence of their main source of income and their place of business outside Canada. There is a difference between visiting Canada as a business visitor or as a business person.

What Is the Difference Between Business Visitor and Business Person?

A business visitor is anyone who is:

  • Looking to grow their business.
  • Willing to invest in Canadian businesses.
  • Interested in developing business relationships in Canada.

A business person, on the other hand, is basically a business owner, CEO, entrepreneur, major shareholder, or anyone with a key stake in the business.

How Do I Become Eligible?

In order to become eligible as a business visitor, you must apply for a temporary residence application, much like other visitors to Canada. As such there is no exclusive application for business visitors. To become eligible for the business visitor status you must:

  • Plan on staying less than six months.
  • Not enter the Canadian labor market.
  • Provide evidence of your source of income and place of business outside Canada.
  • Have documentation supporting your application.

For the Basic Entry program, you are required to:

  • Have valid travel information.
  • Enough funds for your stay and return.
  • Leave Canada before your business visitor status expires.
  • Have clean health, criminal, and security records.

What Is the Framework for Cross Border Business?

Cross border business is encouraged in Canada and may include:

  • Purchase of Canadian goods and services for foreign business or government.
  • Orders for goods and services.
  • Going to conferences, conventions, meetings, or trade fairs.
  • Providing after-sales services like management – no hand-on labor.
  • Getting training from Canadian parent company that you are employed in outside Canada.
  • Getting training in a Canadian brand of foreign company.
  • Getting training from Canadian company that sells equipment or services to your business.

The North American Free Trade Agreement sets out some of the rules regarding Canadian, US and Mexican nationals traveling to each of those countries and engaging in activities such as marketing, research, and general services.

For specifically coming to Canada to work under NAFTA, see our separate page on getting a work permit under the NAFTA agreement.

Should I Get A Lawyer?

Getting a lawyer’s assistance will maximize your chances of meeting your goal.  It is advisable to seek legal assistance in getting business visitor status, especially under circumstances where your country does not have a Canadian immigration or visa office. In any case legal assistance can help you prepare the documentation and follow the processes to ensure your application process is expedited.

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