Study Permits & Canadian Immigration Lawyers

Canada is widely recognized as one of the top destinations for higher education in the world. Large number of colleges and universities are based in Canada. Edmonton, Alberta is host:

  • The University of Alberta.
  • Grant MacEwan University.
  • The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).
  • Many other smaller colleges and post secondary learning institutions.

With the increasing number of talented students graduating every year, they are contributing significantly to Canada’s culture and economy.

If you wish to study in Canada as an international student, you must know that the regulations have been revised, effective since June 2014. As such, applicants are now required to indicate the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number on the application form.

How Do I Obtain A Study Permit?

Prospective students must first decide the program they wish to enroll in and the institution that best caters to their field of study. All institutions you apply to must be in the DLI list. Once you have obtained admission into one or more schools, you can start applying for the study permit. You may need to  apply for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) depending on the situation.

Coming to Alberta to study is a huge decision.  Having an immigration lawyer assist you in the process of obtaining the proper documentation is the best way to ensure success.

How Do I Renew My Student Permit?

Provided that your academic performance is of the desired level and you want to extend your study permit, you may be required to complete the Application to Change Conditions form or the Extend Your Stay in Canada form. Make sure you apply well in advance before the current study permit expires in order to avoid any issues.  You lawyer can help you with this extension.

Note: All children under the age of 17 and studying in Canada without legal guardians have special rules, including that they are required to submit the Custodianship declaration (IMM 5646) with the study permit application.

Can I Have An Immigration Lawyer Help Me?

We always recommend that prospective students obtain legal advice before initiating the application process.  It’s a big deal, so it should be done properly.

We have the experience and is well placed to help you on your Canadian educational adventure!

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