Temporary Residence Visa’s For Alberta

Canada warmly welcomes over 35 million temporary residents to the country each year. It is one of the best tourist, education, and temporary employment destinations in the world. Many of these come to Alberta.  For those who don’t want to go through the lengthy process of seeking permanent residency, they can get started with the temporary residency process to boost their chances of permanent residence down the line.

What Is a Temporary Resident Visa?

The temporary resident visa is the standard for entering Canada if you don’t have a permanent residence or citizenship status. Anyone except a permanent resident of citizenship holder of Canada is required to enter Canada as a visitor, with or without the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

If you are a citizen of a visa exempt country, you won’t be required to have the TRV. If not, then you must apply for a TRV application and get it approved in order to visit Canada as a tourist, temporary foreign worker, or student.

Should I Consult For The TRV from My Home Country Or From Canada?

The TRV documentation is generally issued by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office if you are living overseas. The Canadian Immigration Visa Office will verify whether you meet the requirements for entry into Canada as a visitor first. The Temporary Resident Visa can be issued as a single entry or multiple entry document.

How Long Is The Temporary Resident Visa Valid?

The time period is solely dependent on the nature of entry into Canada. Speaking generally:

  • Tourists get temporary residence for a period of six months.
  • Temporary foreign workers get temporary residence based on their particular cases, but a minimum of six months plus, is the standard.
  • International students get temporary residence based on their particular cases, but a minimum of six months plus, is the standard.

Can I Be Denied Entry To Canada?

Remember that holding a valid TRV does not automatically mean that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officer at the Canadian Port of Entry will grant you entry into Canada. All visitors at the Port of Entry must present their purpose of visit to Canada.  The Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officers have the authority to deny admission to people for a number of reasons, including if they feel the visitor does not intend to leave Canada once their TRV period reaches its expiry date.

Remember too that your medical and criminal records may become a subject of issue and may even prevent you from visiting Canada. If this is your situation you should obtain legal advice.

Should I Talk To A Lawyer?

It is advisable to seek legal assistance from an immigration lawyer when you want to enter Canada as a temporary foreign worker. For tourists and international students, seeking legal representation is still a very good idea. Let us help facilitate your entry into Alberta.

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